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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Speaking at LVCC and Aswasa Bhavan

      It's been a while since I last posted. India developments had been going slowly but things are still coming together!

      On Sunday Sydney and I had a chance to share what we will be doing in India at Lords Valley Community Church (LVCC), my home church.

      So Sydney and I will be working at a house in Kerala, India, called Aswasa Bhavan, which means "Home of Comfort."  In this home, a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew, has chosen to take in children whose parent(s) are in, and will be in, prison for the rest of their lives. These kids don't have anyone else to take care of them, so the Matthew's have taken them in and raise the kids as if they were their own children. It is a beautiful ministry. Everyone lives in one big house! Syd and I will be staying in a room in the house too! If you'd like to read more about it for yourself, here's their website

      Now, like I said, the pieces are still coming together, but Sydney and I do have an idea of how we will be helping while we're in India. First, we'll be teaching English. Aswasa Bhavan holds school from kindergarten through 4th grade. The Matthew's are a Christian family, so Syd and I will also be teaching Bible studies and working with the children in this way. I'm sure we'll also help out around the house, with cooking, and that sort of thing. What an adventure lies ahead! I'm also very excited about learning the language and culture while we're there. Our city of Pamady is a whole 1/2 square mile!

So you have an idea of where we'll be, here are a few maps:

Kerala, India

Pampady, Kerala

     What else is new.... Oh yeah! I've been dancing again! I'm absolutely enjoying it! I really hope to be able to coordinate some kind of dance ministry/lessons for the girls (and/or boys) in Kerala, that would be totally wonderful!

      As the day is approaching my To Do list is quickly filling up, right  now I'll be putting the final touches on my visa application. Then it's on to all that fun medical stuff!

Peace and blessings,
TTFN (For all of you who are unfamiliar with the vocabulary of Winnie the Pooh's best friend Tigger, that means Ta-Ta For Now)

                                      - Katrina Elyse

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