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"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." - Sarah Williams

Friday, June 24, 2011


Sydney and I have made it safely to Seoul. We arrived here 3 days ago and have had a busy schedule with orientation at Connexus and the effects of a 13 hour jet-lag to overcome but we're both doing well and enjoying the company of friends as well as the beginning of the rainy (or monsoon) season.

It feels nice to come back to a place that is already familiar and to know everyone we will be working with as well as our land lord, Hun.  Personally, though, I do wish I had a little more time to spend at home visiting friends and family. The month I was blessed with to spend back in the States went very quickly, there were so many things to so and people to see. In spite of those feelings I am still quite sure that Korea is the place God has for me for right now. I feel a lot of peace about being here and I am really looking forward to when I start teaching this Wednesday. Yes, of course I'm nervous. Of course I wonder how things will work out. Yet I am confident that I will work hard and learn a lot as I go and that God's grace will be there to carry me every step of the way.

If I have learned one thing since I left on this adventure 9 months ago its trust. Trusting God is the only place to be. He always shows himself faithful. He always provides for you when you wait for him. So I want this new chapter in my life to be marked by my trust in God. I want to see myself grow while I'm in Korea, to build meaningful relationships, to touch the lives of my students, and to become more like the woman God has created me to be. I want to make friends and learn to speak Korean and to value this culture for all the great things it has to offer. Even though I'm here working to earn money to pay off college debt and its not explicitly "mission work"  per say, I still want this time to glorify God and to allow the light of his kingdom to shine though my words, attitudes and actions.

Keep us in your prayers as we also remember you!

Rejoicing in this new season and anticipating God's great works ahead,
Katrina Elyse

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